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Watch a short DVD about transition from primary school to secondary.


Parents ready to help their child through critical transition process

A critical issue identified in the IELLEN's Environmental Scan was "Transition, Career Development and Pathway Planning". To address this one of the possible actions for the IELLEN to undertake was to "Support parents to understand the transition process from primary to secondary school to assist the development of their children's aspirations and attitudes from an early age and increase the potential for continued and successful engagement in education to the completion of year 12 and or its equivalent." (2014 IELLEN Environmental Scan)

Each year the IELLEN facilitates workshops for parents and carers with children in Years 5, 6 and 7 to assist them to better support their child to make a successful transition from primary to secondary school.

Angie Wilcock, a specialist in the area of parental support and transitions, provides practical tips and advice to help parents prepare and support their child throughout this challenging transition process.

Around sixty parents registered for four workshops in September and their feedback was very positive.

"Absolutely fantastic, so glad I came. It was info I was missing as a parent with a child starting high school next year."

"I feel much better prepared to guide my son through the coming learning years."

"Excellent presentation, very engaging."

As well as holding one workshop at a local school, this year the IELLEN held another three workshops near/on public housing estates, working in partnership with the Department of Human Services (Prahran Renewal Project) and School Focused Youth Service to target resident parents.

The IELLEN would like to thank CBC St Kilda, Alamein Neighbourhood Learning Centre, Port Melbourne Neighbourhood Centre and the Horace Petty Estate (via Prahran Community Learning Centre) for providing a venue and working with IELLEN Partnership Broker, Louise Nicholas, to promote and organise the workshops.


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