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Health in Schools

The IELLEN was delighted to secure the support of three diverse education providers for a recent unique, innovative project – Health in Schools, or "HIS" for short. Funded by a small grant received in 2014 from Foundation 49, this project was all about health amongst young males – from their own perspective.

The three participating schools were:

  • De La Salle College,
  • Montague Continuing Education Centre and
  • Prahran Community Learning Centre (PCLC).

Each school nominated a group of students, mostly in VCAL classes, to work together to identify male health issues, who then used their creative skills to develop a resource/s to respond to any issues identified and in the media/form of their choosing.

For example, ten students in Year 11 at De La Salle put together a survey, distributed to 50 boys in Years 10, 11 & 12. Out of the survey responses the group of students then developed a series of posters on the following themes:

  • Find the path to good healthfoundation 49
  • Good physical health creates good mental health 
  • Knowledge is power
  • No man is an island so reach out to the continent
  • Share the talk, share the walk and experience teen health.

Meanwhile a group of boys at Montague identified depression as the issue on which to focus. They created a poster which highlighted the fact that "anyone could suffer from depression." The poster featured images of some well-known public figures to illustrate the point.

Led by the Prahran Community Learning Centre (PCLC) art teacher, a group of intermediate VCAL students discussed and identified issues around health amongst their peers, and then set about creating artwork in the form of magazine covers.  Many of the themes here focused on the link between fitness and health.

"The IELLEN was really pleased with the learnings and outcomes from this project. There's been positive feedback received, both from school staff involved, and from participating students," said Andrew Neophytou, who co-ordinated the project on behalf of the IELLEN. "Aside from the fantastic  art work and posters,  evaluations show that most of the young people involved report that they are more aware of health issues.  They also report that they’re more likely, as a result, to take better care of their health."





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