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Inner Metro Youth and Community Partnership (IMYCP)

What is the IMYCP?

The IMYCP is a network of organisations and stakeholders which meets to share information; develop strategic, whole of community approaches that support young people; and to establish or actively support new initiatives, where appropriate.

Why "Inner Metro"?

Members believe that the inner metropolitan areas (including Port Phillip, Stonnington, Melbourne and Yarra) have "unique characteristics in relation to young people and the services that support them". (IMYCP Terms of Reference). "The youth population consists of resident, transient and visiting populations of young people, who access this region for support, education, entertainment and recreation opportunities." (IMYCP ToR)

The IMYCP provides an opportunity for collegiate support and information sharing. The IMYCP also considers local, state and federal government policies; services gaps and emerging trends; and whole of community responses. It's also active in developing or supporting initiatives such as Conferences and Professional Development.

Which stakeholders are involved?

IMYCP membership comprises about twenty stakeholders - including four LGAs (City of Port Phillip; Stonnington; Yarra and Melbourne); two LLENs (Inner Eastern LLEN and Capital City LLEN); Victoria Police; government departments; and key not-for-profit community organisations and programs.

Prospective IMYCP members are asked to complete an application form and agree to abide by our Terms of Reference.

How is the IELLEN involved?

The IELLEN had a long association with the former Inner City Regional Youth Affairs Network (ICRYAN), which became the IMYCP in 2014.

For three years (from late 2011 to the end of 2014) Andrew Neophytou from the IELLEN was Convenor of the ICRYAN and then the IMYCP.

Since April 2016 Andrew has again stepped into the IMYCP Convenor role.

Among the key initiatives led by Andrew Neophytou are:

The Middle Years Working Group, which organised a Middle Years Conference / PD day in 2013, producing a Middle Years Report (2013) and a Policy Recommendation Paper (2014); and

The Colour of Youth Conference (an IELLEN-led initiative, supported by the ICRYAN) in 2014.

In March 2013 the IMYCP (as the ICRYAN) organised a "Middle Years" Conference / PD day. Read more...

A "Middle Years" Report was released in September 2013 and is available here.


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