An active winter at the IELLEN

July saw many highlights. For example we: • prepared a submission for the state Inquiry into Sustainable Employment for Disadvantaged Job Seekers • conducted follow-up surveys of more than 25 [...]

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Did you know that last year... 250 stakeholders were engaged by the IELLEN 26 partnerships, networks, providers or programs were facilitated or supported by us And that 450+ young people [...]

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SWL Service Update 2019

The IELLEN SWL team has been busy building on the success of the last three years. So far this year IELLEN SWL staff have: Worked with 30 different schools (including [...]

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IELLEN’s active Term 1

During February and March we’ve brought together numerous stakeholders in network / partnership meetings: • Inner Metro Youth and Community Partnership • Resilience and Wellbeing (Raw) Network • providers which [...]

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IELLEN: aiming high

This past month the IELLEN has continued work on many initiatives, plus started new ones! We’ve continued partnership programs such as Learning Mentors, Windsor Intensive Transition Support, and Young Carers. [...]

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IELLEN: an active October

This past month the IELLEN have: chaired a meeting of the Inner Metro Youth & Community Partnership, where 20 attendees heard a DET presentation on the Navigator Program contributed to [...]

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