April and May at the IELLEN

It’s a challenging time – for young people who are already vulnerable, for school staff, for parents and carers, and for many employers with whom we work. But the IELLEN [...]

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2020 was underway in 2019!

The IELLEN is forging ahead, with a stronger focus on school – industry partnerships.   During Term 4 last year we had fruitful conversations with secondary schools on ways we could [...]

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An active winter at the IELLEN

July saw many highlights. For example we: • prepared a submission for the state Inquiry into Sustainable Employment for Disadvantaged Job Seekers • conducted follow-up surveys of more than 25 [...]

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Did you know that last year... 250 stakeholders were engaged by the IELLEN 26 partnerships, networks, providers or programs were facilitated or supported by us And that 450+ young people [...]

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SWL Service Update 2019

The IELLEN SWL team has been busy building on the success of the last three years. So far this year IELLEN SWL staff have: Worked with 30 different schools (including [...]

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