IELLEN-led Partnerships

The IELLEN leads various partnerships, networks, projects or initiatives across these six domains

Mental Health

Networks we lead include Resilience and Wellbeing (“RaW”) for secondary schools wellbeing staff, and initiatives such as service directories and resources.

Education Training Transitions

Includes a long running VCAL Provider Network, and our Annual Awards event which recognises local achievements by young people, employers and others.

Industry – Education

Initiatives include sourcing structured workplace learning opportunities for students, and organising workplace tours, “work readiness” programs; mock job interviews.

Health & Capacity Building

The IELLEN works in partnership on projects and programs that support young people and their families.

Identified young people

The IELLEN runs projects and initiatives for young carers, LGBTIQ youth, and conducts “On Track” surveys for the state government.

Cross-sector work 

Includes an LGA (Youth & Middle Years) Community of Practice.

IELLEN-supported Partnerships

Through Committee representation the IELLEN supports a number of complementary programs, education providers, and groups.